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Free SMS To Srilanka

Instead of tapping on your small cell phone screen or using mini keyboards use the convenient of typing messages on a computer using large and more convenient keyboards. Save the messages in large file formats so you can send them at a later time. It's also much quicker to type the messages using a computer keyboard than it is to tap away at a tiny keypad even with predictive texting typing a text on your cell phone takes too long. Online provides the opportunity for send larger files and more users at a time. You can use bulk messaging capabilities online that is not available or convinent in cell phone text messaging. After all send text messages online is free. No cell phone provider can beat that especially if you want to send text messages overseas. Some careers charge in excess of $0.50 per international text message sent and $0.25 per international text message to receive. Even if you have unlimited text messaging it does not cover international text messaging. I had the first hand experience of when you sign up I got unlimited text messaging plan that include international sms. Soon in a hard way I discovered the cell phone provide started to not include international sms (change promotional plan) as part of unlimited plan and got hit in excessive of hundreds of dollars per month in international sms overage charges.

Free Text messages to Sri Lanka

You can send wallpapers, new ring tones, themes, screen savers and what ever you want absolutely for FREE. Send Media Messages to directly to a cell phone in Srilanka. Just search the file to send.

Free SMS Srilanka

Free SMS To Srilanka

Mulpituwa Sends FREE SMS to All SriLankan cell phone providers.

SMS Srilanka
Send a FREE SMS to Any cell phone in SriLanka using following format +94(777)123-4567.

Laksuwa Sri Lanka
SEND FREE SMS to friends in Srilanka using Mobitel Cellphones

Free SMS as email to Lanka Bell CDMA phones
If your telephone number is : 011 5676767, Your Email address will nowbe: Need to sign up using following website

Dialog cell phone FREE SMS

Suntel wOw SMS is a tool for sending & receiving SMS-messages to mobile phones in Sri Lanka from any where. Sign up for a free account and use the tool to send free SMS any phone in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka - Send SMS and MMS picture messages. Text message to Sri Lanka mobile phones from any computer worldwide. Features free delivery notification and delayed messages to Sri Lanka

Free sms - send free sms to Sri Lanka
The best free web sms services for sending free SMS messages to moblie phones in Sri Lanka ... Text Message anyone worldwide free with SMS Messaging.Free Short

Send Free SMS To Any Country in the world Send Free SMS Worldwide ...

Send Free SMS to Sri Lanka! WOW: Send Free SMS to Srilanka

Send free SMS messages to your friends worldwide
Thu Apr 05, 2007 11:16 pm Post subject: + Send free SMS messages to your, SMS to SRI lanka from any part of the world for free.

Send Worldwide SMS text messages for FREE. You just need to complete a free sign up.
Send Worldwide SMS text messages for FREE.

Sri Lanka Phone Directories (for land lines):

SriLankan Telecom(SLT) Phones

Suntel Phones


Use above links provided to send FREE SMS text messages a as well as MMS messages to friend in Srilanka. Share your pictures, ring tones, and messages internationally with Srilankans.

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